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2020 Keynote Presenters


Debra deWaal


Debra  has a vision that demands ongoing personal and professional development  and an innovative approach to providing her professional services. A  respected entrepreneur and self-starter, Debra is a skilled facilitator,  speaker, and experiential trainer.  Debra’s areas of experience are in  safety training, dealing with difficult people, mental  toughness/resiliency and personal performance coaching.

Frank DeAngelis


Frank DeAngelis is a national treasure who has transformed the school  safety conversation world-wide.  His honesty and unwavering commitment  that those lost in our Columbine tragedy will never be forgotten is  reflected in a willingness to share the difficult lessons learned and  his own very moving and personal journey.

Cory Johnson


Cory Johnson was born with Cerebral Palsy and suffered a stroke at the age of 11.  This has resulted in Cory being perceived as 'different'.  However this has not deterred Cory from not only living life to the fullest, but encouraging others to do the same.

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Tom Jackson


There are entertainment legends, and then there is Tom Jackson, a  triple-threat actor, musician, and activist whose achievements in each  discipline are downright head-spinning.  Tom’s career is unparalleled,  not to mention wildly acclaimed, abundantly decorated, and almost  ridiculously interesting.